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IAVMA Board Newsletter

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to update you on our recent accomplishments and challenges faced by our board since June 1st, 2022.

To start off, we have our upcoming annual dinner, CE event, and Annual General Body Meeting(
AGM) in San Francisco on Dec 2nd,2023.

Our primary objective was to foster a sense of community among our members and enhance
our educational offerings. To this end, we initiated Continuing Education (CE) webinars, and
in-person CE meetings, and successfully directed its (IAVMA earned) rebates back to our
business members, amounting to approximately $600,000.
This practice of redistributing rebates to our paying business members has been maintained
throughout the past year and we plan to keep doing the same: where all the earned rebates go
back to business members directly.

Addressing concerns raised by some members, we want to clarify that the IAVMA Board does
not handle or distribute individual practice data. We only have access to rebate amounts when
issuing checks to qualified clinics. This was a one-time event only and there was no other way
around as we issued over 160 checks from the IAVMA account.
We will work on addressing this issue and propose contractual solutions to ensure clarity where
there is no data coming to board members either.

In addition to this, we have launched a new website featuring automation capabilities for
membership renewals on the same day for all members. We are also looking into
communicating more through emails rather than using the WhatsApp platform as a primary

We are in the process of choosing the preferred partnerships with various companies that align
with our organization’s values.

Corpus funds: The board is currently engaged with the VC at Gadvsu and the Dean at
Rampura Phul Vet College to use the funds in a way that will be beneficial to students and

Furthermore, we are actively developing policies to improve transparency and provide clearer
guidelines for disciplinary actions, should the organization face any challenging situations. We
believe these measures will help maintain the integrity of our organization.

Legal Challenges: We are also addressing legal challenges from two of our active IAVMA
members and have retained a legal firm that specializes in these issues.

Regarding Board tenure, most of the present board members are supposed to retire by the end
of the year 2023 as per the last newsletter sent in May 2022 and these were self-imposed limits
by board members last year to bring more transparency. IAVMA board extended the terms of Dr.
Bhakhri and Dr. Sahi due to the resignation of two members(Dr. Mattu and Dr. Mavi) in 2022.
This extension was approved unanimously by all the board members in Dec 2022. We are
grateful to them for their continued service.

Despite the resignation of three more Board members this year (Dr. Brar, Dr. Jassar, and Dr.
Mangat), our board continues to work diligently. As a growing entity, we are aware of the
challenges that come with expansion and are reliant on the dedication of volunteer board

We will be looking for new board members. Please apply by Nov 25th,2023.
Send your resume or application in email:
Dr. Bhakhri
Secretary IAVMA

Due to the latest challenges, the board is trying to amend existing Board policies, terms, and
conditions, and will share those with our members soon.

Thank you for your continued support of IAVMA. We remain committed to serving our members
and ensuring the long-term success and growth of our organization.

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