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Uniting Veterinarians of South Asian Origin

Indo-American Veterinary Medical Association plays a key role in uniting veterinarians of South Asian history

A little bit about IAVMA

IAVMA is a non-profit organization of veterinarians of Indian origin or of Indian descent. We are a volunteer-run organization and nobody gets paid for their work. We have practically no overhead and thus save lot of money to be used for the purposes of our organization. We negotiate with vendors and suppliers. The money that we receive or save is used for the community to support our service.

Both physically and financially, we help support local, state, national, and international calamities such as the California fires in our own backyard, to Humane Society pet rescue clubs, to international floods and earthquakes. We help and support, both physically and financially, when our members suffer an unexpected life crisis. 

To strengthen our bonds, we organize cultural events where vets and their families come to share and enjoy their lives. We help mentor new veterinary graduates. We help organize CE for our members.


Over 150 members including businesses and veterinarians of South Asian history from all across California


Uniting veterinarians of South Asian history for 10 years


Over 30 events helping IAVMA members grow professionally

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