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This membership level is for veterinarians who are not practice owners but would like stay in touch with their colleagues for networking as well as participate in our cultural events. This membership introduces allows associates as well as retired veterinarians to stay close to our cultural roots in Indian Subcontinent. General members do not have voting rights in IAVMA general body meetings.

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Membership Terms

1. A:Members are expected to be well respected in the professional community and among their peers

B:New Members are requested to obtain two endorsements from existing members and final approval will be from
Existing IAVMA board with a unanimous decision.  

2. Any General / Business / Board Member who has an actual conflict of interest, or a perceived conflict of interest, with vendors or partners is required to disclose such fully to IAVMA and will not be permitted to negotiate or participate in the negotiations with such vendors.

3. Each Business membership represents one individual practice and is required to pay annual membership fee
4. In the event of passing of an active member who owns a practice, the member’s estate plan or state law shall hold. Membership dues and rules will bind to the new member owner, if any.

5. Any Business Member selling their business, completely or partially, is requested to notify the vendors on its own
Selling party needs to coordinate with the buyer to buy new business membership under new ownership to continue getting preferred benefits/ rebates / discounts / special pricing.
Any preferred benefits/ rebates / discounts / special pricing from different vendors / preferred IAVMA partners needs to be worked out completely by the seller, buyer and involved vendor / preferred partner as per their own.Similarly liabilities, if any for the selling party are also a responsibility to be taken care off by the selling party without any claims on IAVMA Board. The selling member’s membership has been terminated upon the sale, transfer or change in control or ownership.
6. Membership dues are non-refundable and are expected to be paid in a timely
manner. Unpaid dues beyond the reasonable time period (30 days) will result in automatic termination of membership and can lead to termination of all special price privileges and IAVMA reserves the right to deduct the due amount from any rebates if applicable .
7. Membership dues are expected to be paid in a timely
manner by the latest January 31st of each year for full year membership, with a valid credit card needed to be on file with auto renewal until cancelled in writing
Cancellation :Any such cancellation in writing can take up to 90 days to be effective after receiving a written request from the cancelling member.
8. Membership period will be effective from Jan ist to Dec 31st of the calendar year
B. Member Policies with Respect to Preferred-Partner Programs

1. All preferred-partner offers and information (“Preferred Partners”) are to be kept strictly confidential by members.
Any deviation from this can lead to suspension from membership and all benefits as well
2. IAVMA members that participate in Preferred Partner programs with vendors and suppliers pledge not to divert any supplies from those vendors and suppliers for additional private profits.

 C. Code of Ethics.
WHEREAS; It is important to the objectives of the Association that the Board of Directors,collectively and individually, maintain the highest standards of ethics, in fact and in appearance,and shall avoid any and all conflicts of interest. The Board members have a fiduciary duty to the Association, a duty of care and a duty of loyalty.
The Board has decided to develop a code of ethics for the Association, its members and for the Board for adoption , to be made effective now, as follows, and as may be amended or added to in the future by Board Policy
THEREFORE, The Board has decided to adopt the following policies to mitigate any conflicts of interest:
1. Related party transactions-Board members shall not vote on matters or contracts concerning a family member where the family member benefits from the Association in any manner. The Board member shall disclose any other relationship with any other party (friends, partners, etc.) which, does either in fact pose an actual conflict of interest or the appearance thereof.
2. General rules of conduct-The Board encourages and shall hold all members to the following general ethical standards and rules of professional conduct in the event of
conflict of interest arise.
a. Full disclosure-Board members are expected to make full disclosure of any conflicts of interest as soon as they realize the conflict exists.
b. Recusal-The Board member must recuse himself/herself from any voting in the issue
of conflict, as well as refrain from participation or presence in the room when remaining board members discuss the issue.
c. Equal and total applicability-These Rules must apply equally to all members, including those on the Board. No exceptions can be allowed.
d. Acceptance of consequences-Board members are hereby notified that the consequences of allowing a conflict of interest to continue include: censure, removal from committees, recall proceedings, request for resignation from the Board, other disciplinary action, up to and including removal with or without cause and legal proceedings.

e.Solicitation Prohibition-IAVMA keeps continuous efforts in various forms to help its members, including but not limited to organizing webinars, in person CE’s, events, annual cultural or other such social events. These events, social wellbeing of society and maintaining harmony is the backbone of IAVMA’s existence and growth. Any such efforts of IAVMA are solely for above purposes and cannot be used by any of its member/s or any attendee/s to do solicitation and to advertise job openings, advertise business opportunities, hire, make offers, make business deals OR any other kind of similar behaviors which are deemed as preying on and discouraging for the other existing members and new members to attend IAVMA’s events. Any such individual/s is/are advised to completely refrain from these activities as these are directly harming IAVMA’s objectives of socio economic and professional growth for the members. IAVMA Board reserves all the rights, after proper verification by membership of any such member and or expel any attendee involved in these or similar activities at IAVMA events.
f. IAVMA membership is meant to uplift the veterinary profession and improve socioeconomic status. Members are advised not to use the  selfless platform for any political or religious views which can hurt others.

Code of Conduct

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